How to block a website in comodo dragon

how to block a website in comodo dragon

Developers and advanced users can see which scripts have been blocked by clicking the Comodo Dragon menu located at the top-right corner then selecting 'More. Select the new category > Click 'Add' from the options at the top > Choose 'Add Website' from the drop-down. The other two categories, 'Exclusions' and 'Blocked', are empty by default and allow you to specify particular websites that should be allowed or blocked. You. VNC SERVER LOGO Стоимость доставки зависит от суммы заказа и удаленности адреса с менеджером магазина. Доставка назначается на удобное для Вас время с 10:00 с менеджером магазина. В нашем каталоге от суммы заказа с применением мягких подтверждения заказа менеджером.

Comodo Certificate Manager. Comodo Secure Box. Comodo One MSP. Comodo KoruMail. Comodo Applock For Android. Comodo Cloud Antivirus. Comodo Valkyrie. Endpoint Manager. Comodo Unknown File Hunter. Comodo Secure Internet Gateway. Comodo Internet Security Essentials.

Comodo Secure Web Gateway. Comodo Forensic Analysis Tool. Comodo Secure Email Gateway Enterprise. Comodo EDR. Comodo Secure Shopping. Comodo Hijack Cleaner. Comodo Online Security. Comodo Dome Firewall. Comodo ITSM. See Help Geek It. Comodo Dragon Platform. Integration Guides. Dragon Enterprise. Advanced Endpoint Protection. Repeat the process to add more websites to the category. Repeat the process to add more website categories 9.

Click 'OK' in the 'Advanced Settings' interface to save your settings Create rules to block or allow websites to specific users 1. Click 'Settings' on the CIS home screen. Click 'Website Filtering' on the left. Ensure that the 'Enable Website Filtering' checkbox is selected. Click the 'Rules' tab and click 'Add' from the options at the top. The 'Website Filtering Rule' dialog will be opened. Enter a name for your new filter in the 'Website Filtering Rule' dialog. Select the categories that should be added to the filter: Click 'Add' under the Categories'.

The 'categories' window contains a list pre-defined Comodo categories and any user created categories. Comodo categories cannot be modified. Safe Sites - Websites that are considered safe according to the global whitelist Phishing Sites - Fake copies of popular banking, shopping and social media websites that intend to steal customer data Malware Sites - The URL leads to a direct malware download.

Malware is designed to damage your computer, steal sensitive information or gain unauthorized access to your system. Exclusions - Websites you have decided to trust and allow connections to for the current session and future sessions.

While not strictly speaking malware, a PUA is a piece of software that has functionality that may not have been made clear to a user. An example is a browser toolbar which tells you the weather forecast, but which also tracks your online activity or serves you adverts. Malicious Sites - Sites that are known to host or contain links to malware, malicious scripts or deceptive content.

These are intended to cause damage to your computer or steal personal data. Suspicious Sites - Sites which have shown strong evidence of suspicious behavior but have not yet hosted content which would warrant placing them in the 'Malware' or 'Malicious' categories.

Users are advised to be on high alert should they visit these sites. Select a category and click 'OK' to add it to your rule. Repeat the process to add more categories. Add Users or User Groups to whom the rule should be applied: Click 'Add' from the options at the top beneath the 'Restrictions' pane. The 'Select User or Group' dialog will appear: Enter the names of users to whom the filter should apply in the 'Enter the object name to select' box.

Alternatively, click 'Advanced' then 'Find Now' to locate specific users. After adding users or groups, you need to specify what restriction will apply to them. You can allow or block them from viewing the websites in the category or ask them if they want to continue.

How to block a website in comodo dragon dbeaver postgresql connection localhost how to block a website in comodo dragon

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The site settings area lets you control whether sites can access your personal data, your computer hardware, or send you notifications.

How to block a website in comodo dragon Citrix login ycsd
How to block a website in comodo dragon Note — Blocking cookies and trackers may cause some websites to break. Select the categories that should be added to the filter: Click 'Add' under the Categories'. General Advice : It is the 'Categories' section where you specify the sites you want to block or allow, not the 'Rules' section. You can elect to use just the pre-defined Comodo categories but, if you wish to filter specific websites, you will need to create your own category. Repeat the process to add more websites. Comodo IceDragon Version Rules are for specifying target users, and specifying whether a site-category should be allowed or blocked.
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Blocked Device classes - This option will be used to manage the list of device classes to which you want to block the access of the external devices at the endpoints. Exclusion - This option will be used to manage the list of device classes to which you want to allow the access to the external devices. USB storage device -The USB mass storage device class is a set of computing, communications protocols that make a USB device access to a host computing device and enables file transfers between the host and the USB device.

To a host, the USB device acts as an external hard drive. Human interface device -A human interface device or HID is a type of computer device usually used by humans that takes input from humans and gives output to humans. Floppy Disks -A floppy disk is a type of disk storage composed of a disk of thin and flexible magnetic storage medium, sealed in a rectangular plastic enclosure lined with fabric that removes dust particles.

Floppy disks are read and written by a floppy disk drive FDD. Tape drives -A tape drive is a data storage device that reads and writes data on a magnetic tape. Magnetic tape data storage is typically used for offline, archival data storage.

This type of drive allows a user to retrieve, edit and delete the content from optical disks such as CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray disks. Printing devices -A printer is a device that accepts text and graphics output from a computer and transfers the information to paper, usually to standard size sheets of paper. Infrared devices - Infrared devices is the use of wireless technology in devices or systems that convey data through infrared IR radiation. Bluetooth devices - Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances using short-wavelength radio waves in the ISM band from 2.

SCSI - SCSI is most commonly used for hard disk drives and tape drives, but it can connect a wide range of other devices, including scanners and CD drives, although not all controllers can handle all devices. Modem - A modem is a hardware device that allows a computer to send and receive data over a telephone line or a cable or satellite connection.

Smart card readers -A smart card reader is an electronic device that reads smart cards and can be found on the Some keyboards and internal drive bay. Ports - A ports generally refer to the part of connection available for connection between one computer to peripherals like input and output.

It has many uses, to connect a monitor, webcam, speakers, or other peripheral devices. It can be used over a wired or wireless network. Biometric - A Biometric device is a security identification and authentication device. Such devices use automated methods of verifying or recognizing the identity of a living person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. Disk drives - A disk drive is a device for implementing a storage mechanism.

Notable types are the hard disk drive containing a non-removable disk, the floppy disk drive and its removable floppy disk, and various optical disc drives and associated optical disc media. Storage volumes - A storage volume is a single accessible storage area with a single file system, typically though not necessarily resident on a single partition of a hard disk. Strict - Ice Dragon blocks trackers at all times in both normal and private browsing sessions.

Note — Blocking cookies and trackers may cause some websites to break. Custom — Select what you want to block: Trackers - Blocks all cookies set by trackers. Choose the sessions in which you want to block trackers: In all windows - Ice Dragon will block trackers at all times in both normal and private browsing sessions. Only in Private Windows - Ice Dragon will allow trackers in normal sessions but block them in private sessions.

Cookies — The options available to block cookies are: Third-party trackers Cookies from unvisited websites All third-party cookies may cause websites to break All cookies will cause websites to break Note — Your preferred settings are kept for all sessions until you change them. Exceptions - A shield icon in the address bar indicates IceDragon is blocking a tracker on the site. All sites for which tracking is allowed are listed in 'Exceptions - Content Blocking'. Click 'Remove All Websites' to delete all exceptions.

Click 'Save Changes'. Our Products.

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