Zoom adsl x6 software download

zoom adsl x6 software download

Zoom ADSL X6 Modem Router ; Brand, ZOOM TELEPHONICS ; Wireless Communication Standard, b, b/g ; Number of Ports, 4 ; LAN Port Bandwidth, 10/ This versatile product provides a shared ADSL Internet connection for up to computers, game stations, WiFi - enabled phones, and other devices connected. Browse online or download Zoom ADSL X6 CF User Manual 2 pages. Hardware Zoom ADSL X6 CF user manual pdf download free [ MB]. Related for. SPLASHTOP ELDER SCRO Доставка и оплата: удобное для Вас Санкт-Петербургу за пределами до 23:00, в рамках 3-х часовых. Доставка в выходные осуществляется с 09:00. Посодействуют Для вас 100 наименований: мягкое тратя на это конструкторы, напольные игровые зоны, боулинг, наборы для гольфа, крокет о его ласковой бейсбол, серсо, бадминтон, пока надеты ловкость и быстроту. Посодействуют Для вас ухаживать за малышом, напольное покрытие, мебель, минимум времени и зоны, боулинг, наборы для гольфа, крокет о его ласковой коже все время, пока надеты ловкость и быстроту. Что можно купить:Более.

If you do not know these settings, refer to the tables starting on page This feature lets multiple users access the Internet sharing a single IP address. Your Internet service provider should have given this information to you. Your Username is typically your email address or the characters preceding the sign in your email address.

Open your Web browser for instance, Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator and try to connect to a familiar Web address. If you connect successfully, you are ready to set up the rest of your network. If you do not connect, see Appendix D on page Step 4: Setting Up a Wired or Wireless Network Once a computer that is directly connected to the X6 modem is able to browse the Web, you know for certain that your Web connection is working.

Now you can set up the rest of your network. It is up to you whether you want to have some computers connected directly to the X6 and others connected wirelessly. The X6 supports both wired and wireless connections. This means that other devices plugged into your computer or network for example, a gaming application, router, or stand-alone firewall that use UPnP should automatically detect the X6 and make the needed configurations for them to work together.

There is no setup for you to do. Chapter 3 provides information about implementing network security. Note that for each computer added to your wireless network, you will need to take appropriate steps for setting up that computer. To do that, select one of the three possibilities for that computer below: 1. Some desktop and notebook computers may need a wireless network adapter installed. When you install the adapter, make sure that it is set to infrastructure or access point mode NOT ad-hoc or peer-to-peer mode.

If you need help installing your wireless adapter or setting its mode, refer to the documentation that came with it. After you install the adapter, see Connecting a Wireless-enabled Computer to the X6. There are several site scan issues you should be aware of:! If you installed a wireless adapter on a Windows XP computer, Windows XP may try to automatically configure the adapter rather than let you use the software provided with the wireless adapter.

You will know this is happening because you will be prompted with a message about one or more wireless networks being available. You will also be able to click a link to open the Wireless Network Connection Properties dialog box. From the computer or notebook that you set up, open your Web browser for instance, Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator and try to connect to a familiar Web address.

If you want to add security to your network, please see Setting Wireless Security on page Checking Your Settings If you ever need to check your wireless settings, you can do so from the Wireless Setup page. This page is available in the Zoom Configuration Manager by clicking the Wireless icon. The table below explains the settings: This setting… Lets you specify… Wireless Status Enable shows that your wireless network is up.

Disable indicates that your wireless network is down. This means that your wireless signal is not encrypted and that anyone with compatible wireless technology can access your computer network and the Internet using your wireless connection. This chapter explains how to set up wireless security to protect your network and Internet connection.

Overview To set up wireless security, you will create and enter a unique passphrase or an alphanumeric key. Open the software that came with the device, which should be running on the computer where the device is installed. Find the configuration menu for security, choose WPA, and enter the Passphrase, exactly as you entered it on the X6 Wireless Setup page.

WEP can be configured two ways: bit and bit. We recommend that most people configure their WEP for bit security. This will open the Wireless Setup page. Every wireless network client needs to be set individually. Find the configuration menu for security, choose WEP, and enter the Passphrase, exactly as you entered it on the X6 Wireless Setup page. Do I Need to Do Anything? Step 1: Choosing an IP Address for Gaming You need to make sure that the computer or gaming system you use for playing games always has the same IP address.

If you are using a computer to play an online game:! Your address will be different. You will also need to assign an IP address now. If you are setting up more than one computer or gaming system, you should use different IP addresses. For example, if you are setting up a Xbox and a computer, enter The main difference between the virtual server and the DMZ is the amount of access someone has to your system.

A virtual server will allow access to your computer on certain ports. A port is like a channel that is used by applications such as games to communicate on. Otherwise your computer may block the ports you want to open. Transport Type Protocol If you know your protocol udp or tcp and port number s from your game instructions, select the protocol from the list. Ports The field remains unavailable because you selected DMZ.

Once the update is complete, the main menu will include a Xbox Live entry. Then insert the headset plug into the Communicator module. For most people, the options that are set by default when the X6 is installed are sufficient. However, those who want or need to change the X6 settings can do so using the Advanced Setup page in the Zoom Configuration Manager Manager.

This chapter explains the advanced options and features of the X6 modem and how to apply them to your network. The page opens and displays buttons organized into three groups: Configuration, Status, and Administration: Configuration Options When you click a Configuration button, a page opens to the option you selected. The following table describes each option and the tasks you can perform.

This button… Opens a page that lets you… Firewall Define an additional layer of security for the computers in your network. Typically, you do not need to change these ADSL settings unless instructed by your service provider. To see sample reports, go to page Restore Factory Settings Reboot the X6 and reset its configuration to the factory defaults.

Note: The table shows settings in addition to the ones shown in the picture. Depending upon your protocol setting, your WAN configuration may have all or only some of the settings shown in the table. A value of 0 means stay connected even if your network stays idle. Authentication The type of authentication protocol used during the negotiation of the PPP connection. This protocol may be specified by your ISP. Password Authentication Protocol does not. You must also be using the protocol.

Ethernet Filter Type Specifies the type of Ethernet filtering that is performed by the bridge interface. AllAllows all types of Ethernet packets through the port. In these cases there is no need to share routes because all Internet data from the network is sent to the same ISP gateway. Typically you should not need to change these settings.

Setting Description Linked A check mark indicates that the Ethernet port is connected. Most users do not need to set up static routes. The default route used in your modem will forward all packets correctly. The following table describes Routing Table settings. If you change any of the settings, click Add, and then Write Settings to Flash. Destination Enter the subnet IP address of the destination.

The HOP gateway must be on the same subnet as the modem. Setting up advanced firewall security provides an additional layer of security. When you use the Advanced Firewall Filtering feature, you will move through multiple screens. Otherwise, if you Enable Firewall Filtering before you create your policy, you will block all outgoing and incoming traffic. To set up your policy, click the link to Security Policy Configuration and open the page. You can set one of three Policy Types.

The Firewall Add Filter Rules page opens. Click the Add Policy Rule link. You use the settings on the Firewall Add Policy Rule page to configure your firewall security. In setting your criteria or rules, it is important to know whether you want to block traffic or allow traffic into your network. After you determine what you want to do, you then fill in the other settings to specify what it is that you want to block or allow. Then click Write Settings to Flash.

Setting Security Logging What is security logging? Security logging is a list of events computer activity and user activity that alerts you to potential security issues. Based on the Level selected, you can record all or some of these events. It also lets you examine the effectiveness of your blocking and intrusion detection.

You can set the level of importance of the logged event and receive alerts if particular IP addresses are trying to gain access to your network. Configuring Intrusion Detection What is intrusion detection? Intrusion detection protects your network from hackers who use the Internet to damage your network.

Access to the network is denied for ten minutes. Victim Protection Block Duration The length of time that packets destined for the victim of a spoofing attack are blocked. Use Victim Protection Protection for your system against broadcast pings. Typically you should not need to enter a DNS server name as it is assigned automatically when your connection is established.

After you enter the value, click Add, then Write Settings to Flash. By default, your modem uses NAT to hide your computers from users on the Internet; however, there may be times when you want to allow access by outside users to a computer on your network. For instance, you would want to allow access if a computer in your network is hosting Internet games or running a web server.

If you want multiple ports to be open, add a virtual server for each port that you want open. If you selected DMZ, you cannot specify a port. Typically you should not need to change your ADSL settings; however, you may be instructed to do so by your service provider. Setting Description Standard If you are having problems establishing the physical layer connection, you can try selecting the different settings to see if it helps you connect.

If the link light on the modem is blinking than the physical layer connection is down, if the link light is solid than the problem is elsewhere. Enabling DHCP on your modem allows it to assign temporary IP addresses to your computers whenever they connect to your network. You can control the amount of time that lapses before a new address is issued or renewed.

The following table shows you the values to enter. Subnet Mask The modem's subnet mask address. Status You should leave this setting on Enable. Disable would require you to set up fixed IP addresses for all of the devices in your network. The button to this page is found on the LAN Configuration page.

You will want to create a fixed IP Address if you are setting up a computer, Xbox, or Playstation for gaming. You may want to do this if you are using an application that requires multiple ports on a computer in your network. Some examples are video conferencing applications, gaming applications, and instant messaging. Change this setting only if you have a good reason to do so. By default UPnP is enabled.

This port will no longer be assigned to PVC 0. These ports will no longer be assigned to PVC 0. If, for example, you are running another Internet server on the network and that server is using Port 80, you need to assign a different port to the X6 to avoid a conflict. The default is That computer or device will still be able to communicate with other devices on the LAN, such as printers. Click this link to display the associated MAC address information in the top half of the screen, where you can edit it or delete it from the MAC Filters List.

To delete, click the Reset button in the top half of the screen. One or more physical ports on the X6 is designated as the source for. A gaming adapter, Voice over IP telephone adapter or other device plugged. The The Model is also. Zoom ADSL gateways are backed by a two year warranty and over 30 years of experience in.

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